Welcome to boxed.fitness.
A little about us.

Here at boxed.fitness we believe that anyone and everyone should have the ability to find out what personal training and fitness classes can do for their wellbeing.

Our mission is to make sure that when you search for a trainer or Class in your area you are only shown the best in the business. Not only that but you are able to book sessions and classes directly on our Web platform and try them out at our discounted rates.

We deliver this by making sure we only choose trainers and instructors with at least 6 months in the industry and are fully checked and verified by us for qualifications and insurance. We regularly receive feedback and make sure that our professionals are delivering the very best service within our business and that our platform is updated on a regular basis to keep up with cutting edge technology.

By choosing to book personal training sessions or classes through us you are helping freelance professionals gain the exposure they need in the industry as well as cutting their overheads from big gym chains, often massive rent overheads as well as only receiving a percentage of the session price. Any monies received to the professionals after the initial fitness packs is their take home.

Together we are creating a fitter and healthier world and sharing what a personal trainer or fitness class can do for you.