So oranges....... They are naturally sweet, low in calories, can help skin look younger, packed with Vitamin C. Whats not to like.

Oranges are not only a fruit that is consumed on its own, but made into juices, marmalade and even face masks. This fruit is packed with antioxidants and has a strong anti inflammatory effect on the human body.

So whats the benefits?

According to the american heart association it may lower the risk of ischemic stroke in women. Those who ate the citric fruit along with other fruits such as grapefruit had a 19 % lower risk of developing an ischemic stroke than women who consumed less. 

Blood Pressure

Increasing Potassium levels is essential in decreasing your blood pressure as well as reducing your sodium levels. 


The antioxidant can help combat free radicals in the human body. These have been known to be a trigger to cause cancer. It is worth noting that a study into amounts of grapefruit and orange juice consumed found that those who drank excessive amounts were a third more likely to develop skin cancer. 


Studies have shown that Type 1 Diabetics that consume a high fibre diet have a low blood glucose level and Type 2 Diabetics may have improved blood sugar and Insulin levels. 


The antioxidant Vitamin C found in oranges can help fight wrinkles which have been caused by pollution and the sun. Vitamin C helps in the formation in Collagen which is needed for healthy taught skin.