OK so this is a question that does not have a definite answer but in this post we will go over the pros and cons off each as well as the different situations that one may be better than the other. Minute by minute cardio will potentially make you lose more weight than a strength session due to the intensity and the length of which you are training. Ever noticed a marathon runner and their size? You wont see a champion marathon runner that is built like Anthony Joshua any time soon thats for sure. A marathon runner needs to be light and agile to go the distance in a run, therefore muscle bulk is a minimum for these guys so their training will be based around long distance runs and endurance based exercise. BUT, if you want to look like an athlete that has a bigger frame and still low body fat then weight training should be at the forefront of your training. Cardio training such as running, cycling, walking etc should always be incorporated into your training but for specific goals weight training for me trumps cardio every time unless its a specific goal that you are after such as a timed run. Ill explain why: Weight sessions do not have to be all about heavy weights with 5 min rest periods in between. Oh No. If you are looking to lose body fat but keep your muscle then an all body weight session with minimal rest is the one for you. Combining all the major muscles in the body using compound moves such as squats, bench press, pull ups, shoulder press as a circuit, will raise your HR massively and really hit you metabolically. Here is the best bit. After a session such as this you will continue to burn calories up to 12 hours after your session. Win Win id say. Now these sessions are not for everybody and you must seek professional advice before trying them out but here is an example of some of the sessions i have completed with clients: The following exercises were performed back to back with no rest. Once the circuit is complete, 2 min rest and then complete again. Front Squat x 12 Deadlift x 12 Bench Press x 12 Flys x 15 Pull Ups x 12 Bent Over Row x 12 BB Shoulder Press x 12 So as you can see these sessions are very demanding and will hit every major muscle in the body demanding maximum effort and hitting Aerobic, Anaerobic and the lactic system all in one. Now as mentioned above Cardio is still an important part of training. It can also be used in burning fat, however you are at more risk off eating into your muscle tissue for long periods of cardio. If its long distance running or cycling you are after then great, otherwise weight training wins hands down.